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“Retirement is a journey. The Retirement Assistance Program is a great roadmap for that journey!

The Program utilizes multiple vendors that provide a high level of expertise in their discipline!”

Ron Stuedemann
Medtronic VSP Retiree
Group Minnesota

"Retirees are challenged to make major decisions involving their lifestyle, finances, and health care. Through the Retirement Assistance Program, retirees can access important services and consult with unbiased retirement experts as often as needed in order to make wise choices."

Jan Prazak
Board Member
Medtronic VSP Retiree Group Minnesota

What kind of retirement do you want? In about 15 minutes Ready-2-Retire will help you visualize your retirement in a whole new way – you’ll be able to create a personal retirement profile that you can easily reference whenever you need to make decisions about your retirement. Let's get started!

Medtronic has not reviewed nor does it endorse any specific product, service offerings, or any investment strategy proposed by the Retirement Assistance Program. Vinings Management Corporation and the vendors offering products and services through the Retirement Assistance Program have agreed to act in the best interest of the individual participants in providing advice under the plan.

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